The Klausner Group is also committed to climate protection, taking measures aimed at reducing CO2 emissions in the long term.

  • Wood utilization following the principles of sustainability
  • Heat generation using bark as a fuel
  • Utilization of railway links to reduce truck shipments
  • Construction of sawmills near sources of timber to reduce long – distance wood exports, which have been standard practice in the past

And that’s not all. Projects targeted at reducing the CO2 emissions of company vehicles or installing solar cells an the roofs of Klausner mills have already been initiated.
We also support the campaign HolzProKlima. HolzProKlima wants to bring the positive impact of greater use of wood products for the climate into the consciousness of the people and politics.
We also planning the introduction of the environmental certificate ISO 14001 – a clear signal for active environmental protection.

HolzProKlima - Warum Holz das Klima schützt


The Klausner-Group adheres to the principles of forest management where the rate of wood harvesting can never exceed the rate of growth.
The Klausner Group’s round wood procurement is oriented on the concept of sustainability, by questioning and checking the origins of purchased round wood. The demand for wood from PEFC-certified forests is becoming increasingly important for the marketing of our products, both for lumber and any type of sawmill by-product. Therefore all of our sawmills are certified according to the PEFC Product Chain of Custody Rules.

Thus Klausner makes an important contribution to the protection of nature and helps to secure the future roundwood resources.